To my mind to make life blissful, Knowledge and wisdom (experience) are the base and education the means. Broadly speaking real education is learning in a disciplined way. It washes away cobwebs like laziness, lethargy and makes a person shine like unblemished gold and diamond. It fulfills the needs of the body, mind and the soul.

Pertinently education is the most significant segment of a society which makes or mars the future of the nation. It is imperative and important that the present system which lays stress only on the completion of syllabi rather than the knowledge and wisdom, needs to be revitalized to fulfill National goal.

Need of the hour is that an institution should be an “idealized epitome of life”. This is a challenge to teachers & educators. Education should imbibe the virtues of tolerance, humility, humanity, sincerity, compassion and character building to succeed in life. An educated person should be free from the curse of snobbery, ego and arrogance. This step is the only way to live in harmony and happiness. In other words I conceive that teaching of moral values should be made an integral part of the academic curriculum at least up to secondary level to mitigate unrest among the youths of today.

Incidentally knowledge and wisdom are a beacon light. This is why we have chosen Motto-“Knowledge is Power”. By following this quote our school always endeavors to organize qualitative programmes for the benefits of the students and in larger interest of the society.

Anand Public School
Yamuna Nagar - 135001